Convert Vintage bathroom vanities

Sep 21st

To make use of an outdated wood cupboard in a moist and humid setting of vintage bathroom vanities it’s best to take a while making ready the wooden. Correct preparation will protect the wooden of outdated and improve your magnificence, restoring it in a very good situation and permitting your type and magnificence shine.


  1. Take away the unique end of antiquity. Sand the end utilizing tremendous sandpaper, grain 100 to 150. Clear the floor after sanding with a humid material.
  2. Chemical remover clear timber with water. Use 120 grit sanding till the floor is easy to the contact after which use 220 grit sandpaper Clear with a humid material to take away any residue.
  3. Though there are completely different styles of stains, base oil is the only option for wooden that’s within the vintage bathroom vanities.
  4. Take away extra stain with a clear material and permit the wooden to dry utterly. Apply a really skinny coat of sealer on the dry floor.
  5. Apply the sealant in a number of layers, sanding between coats. Makes use of a polyurethane sealant medium to excessive gloss and end as it’s waterproof and sturdy.
  6. Choose a mirror with a sublime contact of vintage bathroom vanities to enrich your vintage dresser restored. Dangle the mirror on the wall instantly behind the bathroom or maintain it to the bathroom itself.