Easy methods to Set up medicine cabinet mirror on a Wall

Sep 14th

A package might be mounted on a rest room wall behind the toilet mirror. The mirror then mounted hinged to the wall and opens to entry the contents of the cupboard. medicine cabinet mirror are typically used for storing toiletries similar to drugs, toothpaste or make-up.


  1. Measure the width and top of the medicine cabinet mirror you’re putting in and draw a form on the wall that’s 1/four inch bigger in every course, centering it over the sink and inserting it on the level the place need the mirror.
  2. Reduce the drywall utilizing a drywall noticed or knife.
  3. Reduce any nails that could be operating from the world the place you may be inserting the package, utilizing a hand noticed or round.
  4. Measure the gap between the 2 poles is contained in the wall on both facet of that quick gap.
  5. Reduce two items of two by four inches horizontally match between the 2 poles nearer to the vertical gap.
  6. Screw by way of the ends diagonally and the posts they’re moving into.
  7. Place the package into the outlet and safe it by tightening the flange at its edge and the horizontal items you simply put in.
  8. Set up the mirror on the medicine cabinet mirror mounting hinges on the sting of the cupboard or wall close to it.