Grasp Two Layers of curved shower curtain rod

Nov 17th

curved shower curtain rod seems to be superb and excellent to present the actual impact into your bathe space by its form and kind. It could actually get to the bathe enclosure smaller extensive and spacious look. Inserting the curtain away from the bathtub, you will get more room to swim comfortably stopping it from sticking to the pores and skin moist. Whereas the liner of the curtain just isn’t permitting water to empty, a second outer curtain is included often to present the lavatory an ornamental look.


  1. Get somebody that will help you maintain one finish of the tape on the middle of the curved shower curtain rod the place it’s farther from the bathtub. Extends the opposite finish of the tape into the bathtub.
  2. Use the steps to find out the size and width wanted for bathe curtains. The additional lengthy and further extensive curtains can be found in most good shops, to put on curved curtain rods.
  3. Shows the bathe curtain and curtain liner. Extends the outer curtain on the ground with the entrance dealing with down. Extends curtain liner on the outer curtain proper facet dealing with up towards you.
  4. Spend a hoop bathe curtain for every pair of holes. Every ring passing by a gap ought to due to this fact curtain because the outer lining, in order that they hold collectively.
  5. Grasp the rings curved shower curtain rod. Shut the rings across the rod after being clamped.