Hanging barn door track

Sep 24th

Good planning is critical to hold a barn door track divided as a result of giant measurement of its panels. First, orders or construct two barn doors sectioned. Then, frames the door opening within the wall of the barn. Now, it is time to set up barn door track.

  1. Measure the highest of the barn and multiply it by two. That is the ultimate width of the barn door monitor. Lower a mounting board with the measured size. Mark the middle of the desk.
  2. Mark the middle framed barn door on the high of the internal wall.
  3. Place the minimize desk on the ground, with large facet up.
  4. Drill holes for fastening bolts on metal rail based on the producer’s directions.
  5. Units the lane on the widest a part of the desk 2, 54×10, 16 inches.
  6. Combines central level within the desk with the mark on the wall above the doorway of the barn.
  7. Drill holes by the mounting board the place you might be with a cue.
  8. Screw fixing bolt by every gap and countersink drill bit utilized in variable velocity drill to screw the bolts within the wall mounts,
  9. Maintain the rail metal barn door towards the mounting board.