How you can Make a padded headboard for Mattress

Dec 6th

When you’re eager about altering the padded headboard of your mattress or on how you can embellish a bed room, possibly this concept can serve you. Let’s have a look at how you can make a padded headboard as utilizing a couple of easy items of wooden, foam and cloth for quilting. Though we’ll see is made ​​with sq. items and black coloration, you’ll be able to select the way in which you want and the colour or kind of cloth that most accurately fits the decor of the room.

To make this padded headboard for mattress the next steps:

  1. Paste foam items wood elements
  2. Components lined with artificial leather-based, putting it within the space of ​​the froth and graphology behind in opposition to the piece of wooden.
  3. Place a 3rd of the items interspersed by the way in which you prefer it, guaranteeing that the biggest are flush with the aspect of the timber up.
  4. Prime with one of many slats. With a feller, screw the bar in opposition to the elements padded headboard.
  5. Add to a dangling bar to hold the piece.
  6. Repeat this operation twice with different materials.
  7. Dangle the three items on the wall above the mattress. You’ve got obtained your padded headboard.