laying paving slabs on sand

Jan 15th

Do it! laying paving slabs on sand – Sq. as much as 100 sq. meters, offered that mild can totally tiled itself. Methods to lay tile? Know-how for clear and easy, even for non-professional builders. First : Choose the shape and coloration of the tiles. An important factor to contemplate is the colour and texture with the outer housing and the adjoining land. Then, instruments. paving slabs fingers will want rubber hammer, a trowel, guess (wooden or steel), the extent of cable poryadovkoy, backyard hose, diffuser her broom, mop or rake, sabotage profile (any flat device), channels, pipes of any diameter, sand and cement M500.

Step 3: The bottom for laying paving slabs on sand. Choose the placement, protection, the place the runoff. The slope for drainage must be no less than 5% per meter; you possibly can select the placement of the longitudinal, transverse and longitudinal cross – as you would like. Subsequent, screed. Put together a combination of sand and cement ratio of 8: 1 peak to achieve 3-Four centimeters. Pour the combination and clean the screed to assist the channel bar on a flat floor.

Styling components of laying paving slabs on sand. To find out the ultimate design. Unplug the ability wire from the colourful tiles. Place the wire within the first set of playing cards. In keeping with the foundations of the tiles to make myself a flat floor. After which if, nonetheless, after over just a few objects would be the common floor degree, align them with the rubber hammer on the ground. Final, Design of joints. Seams ought to progestin sand-cement combination. Moisten the combination within the gaps, watering them with a hose. Then once more be sprayed seams.