Place shower curtain rods

Sep 10th

shower curtain rods would be the fascinating half in your rest room, it’s paired with the bathe but it surely provides specific look to the toilet space. Place shower curtain rods, bathe simple to assemble and fasten to the wall. Typically we’ve to place a bathe curtain rod curved formed. It could appear laborious to do, however with these easy suggestions that offers you step-by-step, then you’ll be able to put simply.

Step-by-step to put shower curtain rods

  1. We have now opted for a mannequin handled aluminum, and excessive stability invisible fixing.
  2. Take the measure of the bathe to regulate the brackets.
  3. We transport the measure to the bar and minimize at each ends thereof, respecting the curve.
  4. We placed on the tiles, the place we’ll put the bar, strips of masking tape to stop slippage when drilling bit.
  5. Introducing the brackets on the wall and mark the fixing factors.
  6. We placed on the wall to identify the drill and drilled the holes with the drill at gradual pace.
  7. We eliminated the tape; we introduce the plugs and screwed the brackets to the wall.
  8. We join the 2 items that make up the bar.
  9. We’ll end the job by putting the curtain rod with washers. On this easy approach, we could have completed putting shower curtain rods.