The way to Convert claw foot tub shower curtain

Sep 20th

Love this large outdated claw foot tub shower curtain in your toilet principal; it’s nearly as giant as swimming in it and also you can’t be with out giving a very good tub sometimes. Just lately, nevertheless, you have been longing to have a bathe put in. Do that you must do away with the bathtub to get what you need; do some planning, discover some good assist, you will get the very best of each: your outdated bathtub and bathe your rain head.

Directions of convert claw foot tub shower curtain

  1. Learn every little thing you discover about reworking toilet. Determine if you would like hidden behind the wall or if you would like them uncovered pipes.
  2. Discover a wonderful plumbing contractor to work with him; Ask associates and neighbors for referrals. You have to lengthen the plumbing from the tub faucets to a excessive sufficient level to a bathe. Ensure that your contractor understands precisely what you need from this undertaking.
  3. For those who do the work your self, purchase a prebuilt equipment. You could find examples on the web in search of “claw foot tub bathe equipment”.
  4. Select a railing for shade. Most kits embody a railing curtain across the claw foot tub shower curtain.
  5. DIY: choose the proper shade and equipment to create precisely the proper ambiance.